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  • Jo Byrns High School5

    Cedar Hill, TN | Cheatham County


    March 28, 2011

    I used to work at Jo Byrns for 14 years...and absolutely loved it!!! I have 5 children 2 of which have already graduated from there one that will graduate in a year from now and 2 in the elementary school. I wish it could've stayed a k-12 school but there are so many people wanting to get their kids into this school system....that should tell ya something right there! Teachers are great and students are awesome! It's one big family! LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!!!

    Submitted by a parent

    June 6, 2010

    The teacher and staff work really hard to help every student try and meet there goals in life while they are at Jo Byrns. It is a great school to attend

    Submitted by a teacher

    September 22, 2009

    I just graduated from Jo Byrns & it was an excellent school. There wasn't much trouble in this school because of the S.R.O. that worked there officer James. All teachers & staff tried to get to know you on a personal level & I really liked it.

    Submitted by a student

    September 13, 2009

    most of the new kids we get here are dopeheads and troublemakers and we shouldnt let them come to our remodeled school and let them tear it up for us good kids that try to make the school look good

    Submitted by a student

    February 9, 2008

    Best school in TN - the teachers go out of their way to help make sure the sudents do well.

    Submitted by a parent

    November 2, 2007

    this is a laid back school with hometown people. everyone knows everyone. i like that. it makes me feel like my children are safe knowing my neighbors are the athority figures in the school.

    Submitted by a parent

    November 2, 2007

    i love Jo Byrns. I believe we are like one big family and there is a very friendly atmosphere. It is the definition of 'southern hospitality'.

    Submitted by a student

    April 13, 2006

    I have been to this school since the first grade and it's amazing. Everybody knows everybody so there's not much trouble. The teachers, counselors, and students can work better because there aren't many students there. The teachers are really great and the pep rallies and stuff are really fun. Now I go to DCHS in Dickson now and it's huge. I can't talk to my counselor personally b/c there are so many other kids. It's okay but I like JBS better.

    Submitted by a student

    August 26, 2005

    The teachers are fantastic, without a doubt. However, the size of Jo Byrns will never allow for the possibilities in learning that a larger school will. I went to Jo Byrns until 8th grade, and then left to go to high school in Springfield. I would highly recommend Jo Byrns as an elementary school--the hometown atmosphere brings a child up right. However, this school is *not* the best choice for a high-school student.

    Submitted by a former student

    January 3, 2005

    I think this school is the greatest school ever. It might be small, but the teachers are the students' friends. For the high school section its better to have four hour and a half classes because the students have a better chance at understanding the classes. The high school students aren't as wild as some at the Springfield High School. We are a whole lot nicer, and we care more! We help out with the community more and the clubs are the best!

    Submitted by a student

    February 23, 2004

    Jo Byrns is a great school. The teachers are also friends, coaches and neighbors. They work hard to keep up with the 'Big' schools and there is alot of after school hours spent there by students, parents and staff to make it a better place to work and learn.

    Submitted by a parent

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