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  • A quick guide to prepping your home for sale

    Friday, March 27, 2020   /   by Kayla Goad LeVan

    A quick guide to prepping your home for sale

    Thinking about selling your home this year, but not sure where to start? I’ve put together a quick guide that will help you begin to prep your home before it hits the market.

    From small repairs, to decluttering, to landscaping, here are a few (mostly) DIY ways to get top dollar out of your home. 

    Let’s get right to it:

    Make those small repairs


    Small repairs can go a long way for interested buyers. Things like replacing your shower head, fixing the stove top or painting scuff marks in the hallway not only add to the appearance of your home, but it can help thebuyer focus on bigger details like your tall ceilings and beautiful hardwood floors versus the small things that don’t take too much time to fix, but can be distracting.

    You can even go a step further and replace outdated light fixtures, fix that cracked window or repair that leaky faucet.

    Every repair you make that's visible (and many that aren't!) will give your buyers one more reason to be interested in your home.


    Nothing turns off a potential buyer more than clutter. Before listing your home, a big task will be to declutter your tables, desks, closets, drawers and cabinets. Remember, when people are looking at your home, they are likely to take a look at every corner. You want to make sure it feels welcoming and inviting to anyone who comes to see it. 

    It’s also important to remove too many opinionated pieces. You want your potential buyer to be able to easily envision themselves in your home, so unfortunately anything that may be too wild or eclectic will have to go into storage for now.

    Consider staging

    One common misconception of staging a home is that you have to do all rooms. That’s just not true.

    If you have a staging company come in and focus on a few key rooms, such as the living room, dining room and a bedroom, you’d be surprised by the return on investment. In fact, a Forbes study showed that  staged homes sell for 17% more on average than non-staged homes, and 95% of staged homes will sell in 11 days or less. 
    If you're looking to get the most out of your home and sell it quickly, consider staging it. I do offer complimentary staging, so please don't hesitate to reach out. I'll put my contact information below.

    Create a clear and welcoming entry-way

    First impressions matter, especially when it comes to selling your home. Make sure when you first walk into


    your home it provides a clean and fresh-scented experience. Don’t

    go too overboard with wax melts or candles, as you never know what scents may be turn offs to people you’ve never met before: aka your potential buyers. 

    That being said, a tidy entrance with fresh flowers or a beautiful focal point such as a mirror to reflect light will invite people right in.

    Another quick tip that can go a long way: Remove all coats and bags from your entry-way if that's where they're typically stored. You want to give people the experience of what it'd be like for them to walk into their new home and not feel like a guest in someone else's.

    Spend a Saturday freshening up landscaping

    Landscaping your home to prep it for sale doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Even the smallest updates can have a huge impact. For example, sprucing up your outdoor containers with healthy plants will do a lot. You’ll also want to shape any overgrown trees or shrubs, weed perennial beds and touch up the mulch. 

    Last but not least, if you’re trying to sell your home in spring or summer, you may want to invest in weekly lawn services so you don’t have to worry about the upkeep yourself unless it’s already a part of your routine. A fresh cut lawn can be the perfect first impression for an interested buyer. 

    Think you may be ready to list your home, but want us to give you a checklist before you do? Just give us a call at 931-771-9070 and we’d be happy to consult you on how to get the most from your sale.

    Have a question? Here's my contact information:
    Kayla Goad-LeVan
    Cell: 931-320-2957
    Website: www.kaylalevan.com


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